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Meet Captain Will Woodside and Reel Pirates Fishing Charters and Adventures

For an unforgettable and exciting fishing adventure in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, Reel Pirates Fishing Charters and Adventures is your go-to destination. Leading these remarkable expeditions is Captain Will Woodside, a seasoned navigator of these waters and the proud owner-operator of Reel Pirates Fishing Charters and Adventures.

Captain Will's lifelong affinity for fishing is deeply woven into his history with the sea. Since his youth, the quiet joy of fishing and the embrace of the natural world have been his sanctuary. As he matured, this passion blossomed into an eager pursuit of the sea's deeper mysteries. He committed himself to mastering the art of fishing, understanding the habits of different fish species, and refining his angling techniques. This journey of persistence, passion, and love for fishing shaped Captain Will into a highly skilled and enthusiastic fisherman.

Known for his exceptional skill and deep knowledge of fishing techniques, Captain Will is a treasure trove of expertise in the Emerald Isle waters. His profound insight into the local marine environment and fish behaviors is unmatched. Captain Will is well-versed in a variety of fishing methods, from casting to trolling, and tailors his approach to suit the day's conditions and targeted fish species. His expert command of these techniques, combined with his fervor for fishing, ensures that every expedition he leads is not just fruitful, but also an enriching experience for anglers at all levels of expertise.

Boat details

Our boat, the 24' Kencraft Bay Rider (Skiff), offers a comfortable and reliable fishing platform. Originally built in 2008, it is equipped with a powerful 150HP Yamaha engine, allowing for a maximum cruising speed of 20 knots. With a capacity to accommodate up to 6 guests, you can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience aboard this spacious and versatile vessel.

Get ready for an unforgettable day on the water with Reel Pirates Fishing Charters and Adventures! We promise you'll be itching to come back for more after experiencing all the excitement we have in store for you!

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